Thank you for your visit !

     Thank you for visiting Mashup Soft. As of February 2011 the products provided by Mashup Soft were taken offline. It was a difficult decision to take, even more difficult than launching each product in the first place. Unfortunately, the market for each of the products we set out to build is no longer a viable business -- for us at least. In some cases, larger competitors have taken over with more feature-rich and affordable products, where as in others cases, even industry giants shutdown their Mashup initatives.

     We would like to thank every user for their support. As for us, we're moving on to explore new initiatives.

About - Latitude Longitude locator on the home page

     The main page has the latitude/longitude locator we used for our Map Mashup product. It was one of the main entry points to the site and apparently continues to be important to about 10,000 users a month who come to it via Google. Since this application is simple and would be the same as keeping a static home page, we decided to keep it and not dissapoint those 10,000 netizens looking for a 'latitude longitude locator'. We also put in ads, to cover the domain registration and server fees so the site doesn't have to go offline.